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 January 2 Sťance No. 15 with Rudi Schneider

 January 6 Sťance No. 16 with Rudi Schneider

 January 7 Sťance No. 17 with Rudi Schneider

 January 9 Sťance No. 18 with Rudi Schneider

 January 14 Sťance No. 19 with Rudi Schneider

 January 16 Sťance No. 20 with Rudi Schneider

 January 20 Sťance No. 21 with Rudi Schneider

 April The Smiths leave Long Melford and move to Norfolk

 June HP interviews Fred Cartwright at Sudbury

 June HP tests German medium Frau Lotte Plaat

 October 7 'R101' sťance with Eileen Garrett

 October 16 Rev. Lionel Foyster & wife Marianne move into Borley Rectory

 November HP approaches SPR with offer of merger with NLPR

 November 26 HP attends dinner at GŲttingen University

 December Termination of National Laboratory's lease of 16 Queensbury Place, South Kensington

 HP has first meeting with Helen Duncan

 Rudi Schneider - A Scientific Examination of his Mediumship is published



 February Annual General Meeting of SPR turn down HP's offer

 February National Laboratory moves to 13 Roland Gardens, South Kensington

 March 9 Helen Duncan engaged by London spiritualists for sittings 

 April 27 HP meets with Helen Duncan & arranges series of sittings

 May HP becomes Vice-President of the Magician's Club

 May 4 'Friendly' sťance with Helen Duncan

 May 14 Sťance No. 2 with Helen Duncan

 May 21 Sťance No. 3 with Helen Duncan

 May 28 Sťance No. 4 with Helen Duncan

 June 4 Sťance No. 5 with Helen Duncan

 July HP attends sťances with Rudi Schneider in Austria

 July Regurgitation and the Duncan Mediumship is published

 September 29 The Misses Bull visit HP & urge him to go to Borley again

 October 1 Rev. Foyster invites HP to Borley

 October 9 Visit of W.H. Salter to Borley

 October 13 HP and K.M. Goldney visit Borley - HP witnesses 'wine into ink' trick & parts on bad terms with Foysters 

 December Visit by Dom Richard Whitehouse to Smiths in Norfolk

 American SPR terminate HP's appointment as Foreign Research Officer

 December 4 HP begins testing Pasquale Erto



 Marianne Foyster works at a flower shop in Wimbledon for 18 months & visits Borley at weekends

 January 8 HP writes to Mr Smith saying he would like to go to Borley again but Foysters will not permit it

 January 23 G.P.J. L'Estrange visits Borley

 February 3 Rudi Schneider returns to London

 February 9 Third series of sittings with Rudi Schneider begins at NLPR

 February 11 Sťance No. 2 with Rudi Schneider

 February 12 'Talking mongoose' case begins

 February 16 Sťance No. 3 with Rudi Schneider

 February 17 Sťance No. 4 with Rudi Schneider

 February 18 Sťance No. 5 with Rudi Schneider

 February 23 Sťance No. 6 with Rudi Schneider

 February 25 Sťance No. 7 with Rudi Schneider

 March 1 Sťance No. 8 with Rudi Schneider

 March 3 Sťance No. 9 with Rudi Schneider

 March 8 Sťance No. 10 with Rudi Schneider

 March 10 Sťance No. 11 with Rudi Schneider

 March 15 Sťance No. 12 with Rudi Schneider

 March 17 Sťance No. 13 with Rudi Schneider

 March 22 Sťance No. 14 with Rudi Schneider

 March 24 Sťance No. 15 with Rudi Schneider

 March 29 Sťance No. 16 with Rudi Schneider

 March 31 Sťance No. 17 with Rudi Schneider

 April HP believed to have visited Borley between April & November - reason unknown

 April 5 Sťance No. 18 with Rudi Schneider

 April 7 Sťance No. 19 with Rudi Schneider

 April 12 Sťance No. 20 with Rudi Schneider

 April 14 Sťance No. 21 with Rudi Schneider

 April 19 Sťance No. 22 with Rudi Schneider

 April 21 Sťance No. 23 with Rudi Schneider

 April 26 Sťance No. 24 with Rudi Schneider

 April 28 Sťance No. 25 with Rudi Schneider - HP takes photograph of Rudi apparently breaking control

 May 3 Sťance No. 26 with Rudi Schneider

 May 5 Sťance No. 27 with Rudi Schneider

 May 6 Rudi Schneider leaves London

 June 17 Night on Brocken

 June 21 HP & C.E.M. Joad receive freedom of Halberstadt

 September 15 HP sleeps in 'haunted bed' at Chiswick museum with C.E.M. Joad



 Leaves From a Psychist's Case-Book is published

 October Formal offer to University of London to equip a Department of Psychical Research

 October 18 HP holds dinner at Hotel Splendide in honour of Renť Sudre

 November 29  University of London Board of Studies in Psychology reports favourably on new Department of Psychical Research





 January 3 University of London accepts HP's proposal 'in principle'

 June 6 University of London Council for Psychical Investigation is formed

 December 5-10 Exhibition of rare books on magic from HP's library is given at Roland Gardens 



 January 7 HP investigates Karachi's Indian Rope Trick with R.S. Lambert & the BBC

 July 30 HP visits Isle of Man with R.S. Lambert to investigate 'taking mongoose' case

 August 19 HP writes to Everard Feilding stating his wish to visit Borley again

 September 9 First fire-walking experiment with Kuda Bux at Carshalton

 September 17 Second fire-walking experiment with Kuda Bux

 October The Foysters leave Borley

 Also in 1935 - HP becomes first Chairman of National Film Library (British Film Institute)

 HP produces talking film Psychical Research for Movietone News




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